Dead on a Hill

Here lies America, dead on a hill.

She was a beautiful, proud nation, violently begun with the blood of those who felt that the identity of ‘colony’ – of being a satellite of a far off sovereignty – was not to be tolerated. She needed to be her own.

She stumbled gloriously though history, shedding her own blood and the blood of others for her ideals, embarking on the grand experiment of democracy. Like all good experiments, this required a lot of trial and error, resulting in ragged progress forward and back, tremendous rights and wrongs. When necessary, there was no ally that was her equal, and her large, impetuous heart loved without end and oft times without wisdom.

mast-1130057_1920Her demise came not from outside attack from a greater nation, but rather from a poison born from within. It came when quiet, malevolent buds sprang up in her heart, the sweet smell of which was harmony- that all should agree on all things. Its blossoms bore the dark fruit that was discord, not over things disagreed upon, but for the insistence that harmony exist. But in the grand experiment- and in this world- harmony is not possible.
And so from within America ripped herself to shreds with the insistence that she agree with her schismed self. She died not from the difference of opinion, but from the absolute inability to allow there to exist a different opinion. From this was raised up leaders that represented not her absolute best, but her absolute worst, leaders that thrived on the dark, discordant fruit. Though they should have been outright rejected by all, they were instead championed by her people’s inability to back down from their entitled right to their personal ideals.

An old, old idiom asks the question so very worthy of all our disagreements: “Is this the hill you want to die on?” America has answered.

Here lies America, dead on a hill.


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  1. Tauniya

    WOW – that really gets to the heart of the matter, doesn’t it.

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